Cisco 4G Wireless WAN EHWIC card EHWIC-4G-LTE-A delivers the 4G network connectivity for enterprises for both backup and primary application. With 4G LTE WWAN solution, businesses can now run applications such as interactive video and telepresence on a primary 4G LTE network with excellent mobile broadband experience, in fact, 4G network is 10 to 15 times faster and has 5 times lower latency than 3G connectivity. When integrated with Cisco integrated service router G2, it offers the capability to automatically initiate connection over 4G WWAN if the primary WAN link fails. Coupled with Service provider wireless data plan delivers cost-effective, reliable, rapidly deployable and secure backup solution for remote sites or branch offices. This card builds on the performance and adding support for wireless to our wide variety of WAN interface alternatives. In addition, this card supports last 4G standards and delivers maximum data rate 100Mbps on the downstream and 50 Mbps on the upstream ( the actual data speed depends on the service provider’s network.), which allows sending and receiving more mission-critical data across the WAN in backup scenarios.